Zune Download Video - 3 Options

Getting Zune video downloads from the internet might seem easy but how safe is it and what is the cost? While you might find lots of sites offering free video downloads for you Zune, are they safe? On the other hand how much might it cost for safe and secure video downloads? Let's see what our options are.

In the broad scope of things there are three approaches to getting video downloads for you Zune. One is to go with The Zune Pass which gives you lots of downloads. But they charge a fee of $14.99 per month. That is close to $180.00 per year. Another good things to know is that the downloads are only valid as long as you keep your subscription current. If you stop your monthly subscription you loose all the downloads you had. Not sure I want to go that way if I have options.

Another option is to search the internet for free zune video downloads. But what is the catch here. Often the free sites add Spyware, Adware and some people might even add viruses just for fun. Well, that doesn't sound like fun to me. I'd rather not mess up my Zune and computer with viruses, Spyware and Adware. I've got better things to do with my time and I'm sure you do too.

The third option is to download video for your Zune from a site that is Safe and Secure and doesn't cost $14.99 per month. This option is a membership site. They give you access to the video downloads you want while protecting you from viruses, Spyware and Adware. These sites offer all kinds of videos and music for your Zune. Best of all the memberships are around $30.00 for a year and you get to keep what you downloaded at the end of the year. Or you can just purchase a lifetime membership to one of these sites and always have access to new video releases. A lifetime membership usually runs less than $40.00 for all the video downloads too keep you and your Zune happy!

There you have it - three options for downloading all the video you want for your Zune. Either make a lifetime of monthly payments, pick up some extra freebies (virus, spyware and adware) with your free downloads or make a small investment in a secure and safe way to get the video you want.

Make it easy on yourself and take advantage of my research. Save time and select a reliable safe site - you will be glad you did. You can begin to download zune movies in just minutes from http://www.squidoo.com/zune-download-movies!
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Selecting a Wedding Videographer

It is very important to choose just the right wedding videographer because these wedding videos will hold special moments from your very special day. Here are some tips to think about before you select your wedding videographer:
You must first see the wedding videographer's portfolio. You must make sure that his style meets your expectations. He or she must also understand exactly what you want to have done on your wedding day. Is that within your videographe's realm of expertise? You also want to make sure that your videographer has a steady hand if he or she is just holding a video camera instead of using a tripod. Watch out for your videographer's editing techniques. Do they make sense? When you are looking at your videographer's portfolio, were all of the wedding party's members captured? Was the videographer too slow and were the close-ups he took almost in the person's face? You want to make sure that your videographer has unobtrusive microphones for the wedding party.

Will you have just one videographer or two? Will you have one video camera or two? Having a second camera can be advantageous because some extra points can be taken which may be needed during the editing process. Sometimes if the first camera person is not able to get a shot then the second camera person will be able to capture it.
Do you want to have your wedding video on VHS or DVD? After sitting through a wedding video the first time, many people just like to see special clips the second time around. You will find that they will fast forward to the parts that they like and this, in turn, will wear out your wedding video. Choosing to have your wedding video on a DVD would seem to be a smart choice. With a DVD, you are able to skip to the parts you wish to highlight without having to sit through a few hours of tape or having to constantly fast forward and rewind your wedding video in order to get to the right spot.

The wedding videographer that you choose may offer you a few additions to your basic package. Whether you get these or not will depend upon your budget. The sky is the limit when it comes to obtaining your wedding video. Expect to pay anywhere from a low price of $1,000 to a high price of $10,000. This is probably going to be one of your largest wedding expenses.

If you are on the fence about obtaining a wedding videographer, just do it! You may be sorry if one day you want to go and watch your wedding video and find out that you don't have one!
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